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December 2008

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lostry in gyaku_contest

Week #2: Alone

Title: Gone
Rating: PG-13
Pairings/Characters: Dahlia
Summary: Dahlia's by herself at night and decides she has to be strong for herself in the absence of Iris. I was never really any good at summaries Dx
Warnings: None
Word Count: 564

Author's Notes: If the lj cut doesn't work I'm sorry D8 I'm way new to this

She was gone.


Dahlia curled up in bed, her face stony, arms wrapped around herself.


Iris was gone.


It’s for the best. She tells herself. It is, really.


Because Iris can’t handle how cruel their father could be. The man was loud, aggressive. Always yelling at the girls, or regarding them with cold indifference. He didn’t love them; he couldn’t give Iris the love she needed. Iris wouldn’t be able to bear it, she was better off at that temple.


But it doesn’t make Dahlia miss her any less.


She sat up and pulled the blanket around her, staring at nothing in particular in the darkness of the room.


She didn’t like her father, not one bit; you could even say she hated him. It was one for oneself in the house and she’s learned how to act to manipulate the best outcome for herself, whether that be avoiding another beating from father or convincing sister to keep a secret. Dahlia had always been such a smart little girl.


Dahlia would be fine most of the time, but sometimes during those cold, lonely nights dark thoughts would creep into her mind and then she’d be frozen and overcome by just how alone she is.


Iris was gone.


They would no longer play together in the fields at home. (was that village still home? She doesn’t know) No longer would she give Iris reassuring hugs when the adults were fighting. No more games or inside jokes. Iris won’t be there, worrying, nagging, when Dahlia was up to no good. And when she remembers the heartbroken look on Iris’ face, tears streaming down, a nun (What was her name? Skirt? Shirt? No, that wasn’t right.) holding her so Iris wouldn’t run to the departing vehicle, to Dahlia, it breaks the redhead’s little heart.


She was gone, gone.


There would be no one to protect. No one to hug at night when they have a bad dream. No need to say It’ll be alright, Iris. Really, it will because Iris won’t be there to comfort anymore.


Dahlia was always the stronger of the two, but she only just realises how much she needs Iris too.


She grabs a fistful of the blanket and pulls it tighter, her hands are shaking.

She wonders why everything looks so blurred, her eyes are leaking.

She feels her chest constrict in pain and she wonders, why does it hurt so much?


I’m lonely She thinks, over and over again. I’m lonely, where are you Iris? Why aren’t you here? I’m lonely.


Her hands are shaking because she’s scared.

Her eyes are leaking because she’s crying.

Things are so strange, so different; Dahlia doesn’t know what to make of it all.


Then she realises.


There is someone to protect, herself.

Chin up Dahlia, stop that crying. It won’t get you anywhere.


There is someone to hug at night, herself.

Bad dreams are just dreams. You’ll be okay, you’ll pull through.


And there is a need to say It’ll be alright. Really, it will. because she needs to hear that everything will be okay.


She stops shaking, and crying, and wishing Iris was here.

(She’s better off. It’s just me now)

Those thoughts stop haunting her at night.

(It was the right decision. I think- I KNOW it is.)


She’ll survive, she can make it in this strange new world.




She has to.